Saturday, March 19, 2005

I hate Esther.

Not Madonna (well, yes Madonna, but...), but Esther Ampofo. Sit yourself down and all will be explained.

Esther Ampofo is stacked. Sounds like a reason to not hate someone you say? Well, leaving aside the fact that we would all lurrrrrrve Vanessa Feltz and that woman from Big Momma's House if that were the case, Esther's breastage is the result of her being short and.... well... fat. This is not why I hate her. (Maybe I should take a tip from Harlan Ellison and say "despise," as "hate," as the great man said in The (Other) Glass Teat (the Best Collections Of Television Criticism Ever!), implies some kind of affection. But "I Despise Esther" isn't quite as impassioned, really. Whatever.)

Esther Ampofo has been working at Ashurst Direct Marketing for a few years now (the link above takes you to the place's website, and don't tell them I sent you as I may have put a virus in a few of their computers by mistake... :( ). She works in the mailroom with me, and I detest the woman...

Because of her whiny voice.

Because of her inability to shut the hell up.

Because of her yapping on the phone (hopefully for a good reason) when she should be working.

Because of her not working when she should be working.

Because of her radiant, obvious self-love.

And because she's a Bush supporter.

The stupid, stupid, stupid lying obnoxious bitch. I hope she gets fired.


The Archivist said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles with this woman; I hope they're resolved quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'm Esther Ampofo, why do you hate me? every one there like me you are the oleyone who hate me, God for give you, becouse you LOVE ME and I don't that is why you hate me,don't worry i don't hate you. God sey don't hate your friend love one anther as HE lOVE US.I had for giving you for seying all this adout me.