Friday, May 14, 2010

The So How Did I Do? Post.

Whenever I post what the new shows on FTA US TV are for the upcoming season, I like to guess which ones might come over to the UK. So...

What I said: "Not something I'd bet on."
Was I right? So far, yes. (Did ABC even show this?)

Cougar Town
What I said: "Very good. Fiver, Five US, Living and the ilk."
Was I right? Yes; Living bought it.

The Deep End
What I said: "Not out of the question."
Was I right? So far, it is out of the question.

Flash Forward
What I said: "Extremely good."
Was I right? Definitely. Five snapped it up for both regular Five and cable sister FiveUSA.

The Forgotten
What I said: "Detective show, Bruckheimer... I'd say it'll get a home."
Was I right? No.

Happy Town
What I said?: "Not out of the question."
Was I right? It hasn't happened. Yet.

The Middle
What I said: "Doesn't immediately say "Buy me," but Living..."
Was I right? It didn't say "Buy me" at all.

Modern Family
What I said: "This sounds like it'll get a home."
Was I right? Yes - it's a welcome addition to Sky's lineup.

What I said: "This WILL come to the UK. Sky and Virgin1 (and possibly ITV's digital channels) are airing their chequebooks as we speak."
Was I right? I was half right - it did come over here, but it's airing on Syfy. I should have taken their slogan to heart and imagined greater.

Accidentally on Purpose
What I said: "It might happen."
Was I right?: It hasn't.

The Bridge
What I said: "If Flashpoint is any indication, good."
Was I right? No.

The Good Wife
What I said: "Dunno. But never discount the involvement of Ridley and Tony Scott. Or David Zucker."
Was I right? The Scotts, plus Julianna Margulies, may have helped it come to More4 (and Channel 4 late nights).

Miami Medical (formerly Miami Trauma until a name change to avoid confusion with, well, Trauma)
What I said: "High. Medical shows sell well."
Was I right? Not so far...

NCIS: Los Angeles
What I said: "NCIS is a reliable performer for both FX and Five. This'll come over."
Was I right? Yes... but it went to Sky One.

Melrose Place
What I said: "Likely to."
Was I right? Yes - but while E4 (and Channel 4's T4) bagged 90210, the show the EPG calls New Melrose Place went to Five's other digital sister Fiver.

Life UneXpected (formerly Parental Discretion Advised)
What I said: "Not great - it doesn't sound like something they'll be keen on."
Was I right? Unfortunately yes.

The Vampire Diaries
What I said: "I bet it does."
Was I right?: Yep - it's on ITV2.

The Cleveland Show
What I said: "Very good. FX and BBC3 have done well with both Family Guy and American Dad!"
Was I right? Well...

What I said: "I sure hope so; this sounds just the thing for me. Or Hallmark. Or Channel 4."
Was I right? Definitely - it's doing great business for E4 and Channel 4.

Human Target
What I said: "Excellent. Even Birds Of Prey made it to UK screens."
Was I right? Yes; it's on Syfy.

Past Life
What I said: "Not massive. But you never know."
Was I right? It hasn't turned up.

Sons of Tucson
What I said: "If it does well for Fox, Sky here it comes."
Was I right? It didn't, so it isn't.

100 Questions

What I said: "Anything with a UK link seems to get bought, so..."
Was I right? The series hasn't even been screened by NBC yet!

What I said: "Not bad, I'd say."
Was I right? Not yet.

Day One
What I said: "This has Sky One, Virgin 1, BBC2 or Sci-Fi written all over it."
Was I right? So far, not on any of them. Or any other UK broadcaster.

What I said: "See Miami Trauma."
Was I right? See Miami Trauma.

What I said: "Hallmark, or More4. Maybe even Channel 4."
Was I right? No sign yet.

What I said: "Could well find a home."
Was I right? Yes, it went to Virgin1.

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