Sunday, May 09, 2010

The A Conversation About Soundtracks With A Sane Person Post.

(References to wrestling and Chuck from other participants edited out. Link to Victoria Justice not edited out, obviously.)

InThe313: That ash cloud still there?
Me: Since Stephen Lang from Avatar's in the country, I'd say no.
Damn, that volcano erupted bigger than I expected. What's he doing in the UK?
Promoting the DVD/Blu-Ray release of said movie (selling like hotcakes, needless to say).
Can't blame the buyers.
I'd rather get this, to be honest.
You gotta go deep into the Internet to find that.  
Not that deep; it's a legitimate release.
I thought it was rare and hard to find. 
That was a promo. This is a legit commercial release and long overdue. Especially after NCIS managed to get TWO double-disc albums.
When did this come out?
Literally a few hours ago.
I didn't know that.  
That's understandable; you're not a soundtrack fan (or on Intrada's mailing list for new releases).
JAG or NCIS? (And) you're right, but I know a good one when I hear one.
I've seen more episodes of JAG than NCIS although over here NCIS is the Rhoda to the parent show's Mary Tyler Moore (i.e. has had a more successful FTA run).  
I was too young for JAG when it started and ended, but it was a good show, And Katherine Bell, meow!
It should have come out long ago, but Paramount has been very tight with its releases music-wise until they got a new music head.
But NCIS is smart, adventurous, and funny at times.
(I always preferred Andrea Parker; never understood why she was replaced after the pilot. Maybe she was too sexy for some NBC suits.)
How long has Paramount been looking for a head, eight years?
(Or not, given The Pretender.)
What's The Pretender?
I don't know... I do know that since their new music executive arrived some OSTs have come out fans have been begging for for years - Airplane!, Black Sunday etc.
There was never an Airplane! soundtrack?
NBC series about a guy who can pretend to be anyone he wants to be; ran for four years.
Evil: Victoria Justice on iCarly
No, there wasn't. Not at the time (and not legally).
*THUD!* Well somebody call "Weird Al" Yankovic and get him on that project!
Nice and tight. A bit late; the Airplane! CD came out late last year via La-La Land. Already OOP.
Well, damn! What do you think about AC/DC doing the entire Iron Man 2 soundtrack?
(Aside: Why was I not informed until a few minutes ago that Victoria Justice and her hot little body are in the UK?) Not really the entire soundtrack, for two reasons.
Don't look at me, I didn't know. Not the whole thing? I call false advertisement.
1. Angus and co. seem to have basically given us a Greatest Hits collection rather than scoring the thing (a la the Grateful Dead on the '80s Twilight Zone). And 2. There is actually a proper score to the film from Jon Favreau regular John Debney (you can hear clips on the film's site and it's getting a release via Sony Classical, which I find pretty ironic).
What's so ironic about it?
It features rock guitar. On a label with "Classical" in the title. (Apologies to the rest of you for being sidelined, by the way. You now know how I feel when you guys are talking about wrestling or Lost.)
That is what I call irony.

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If you're calling me sane, even I think that's a bit of a stretch. LOL.