Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Give Danny Elfman A Break Dammit Post.

A few moments ago I was taping the end credits of Wanted, featuring Danny Elfman scoring plus the man singing in rock song form for the first time in a movie in years (and also, unfortunately, featuring Claire "World's Most Annoying Continuity Announcer" Sturgess talking over the front of it - hence the existence of soundtrack albums). Several hours ago I was in a cinema watching Terminator Salvation, which also features Danny Elfman scoring. And it doesn't have much in the way of his usual tropes (other than being a fine composer) - the two don't sound much like each other, which sort of spits in the face of those who insist all his stuff sounds the same. In fact Wanted has more Elfmanisms than the T-Whatevernumberitis stuff; no children's choir but heavy marching strings and a bit of eccentric percussion. Both are ones to get in their own right, though.

Not that Terminator Salvation is a good movie, mind.

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Cricket said...

I love Danny Elfman, too! Unfortunately my "Music for a Darkened Theater" is too scratched up to enjoy anymore, but now I am inspired to order a new CD of that.