Thursday, January 08, 2009

The You Have To Admit It Did Sound Like A Mom Thing Post.

Quoth MTV:

Much like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato before her, Cindy Crawford wants everyone to know that she has no beef with Hannah Montana, or, for that matter, with the show's star Miley Cyrus, despite what you may have read online.

Early Tuesday morning, several Web sites
(and blogs! - Me) published a quote in which Crawford allegedly told the press that she didn't allow her daughter, Kaia Jordan Gerber, 7, to watch the widely popular Disney series, because it taught her to be "sassy."

"I love Hannah Montana, but [my daughter] learns to be sassy from that show," she was quoted as saying in a story posted on and other sites. "I'll say to her, 'I don't let anyone talk to me like that. I'll certainly not take it from a 7-year-old in my own house.'"

When reached for comment, Crawford's rep told MTV News that the statement was untrue and that Crawford has no issue with the show.

"I don't know where this quote came from. It doesn't sound like Cindy," the rep said. "I just spoke to Cindy, and she said that she is a fan of Hannah Montana, and she has taken her daughter to multiple shows."

With that out of the way, maybe the Crawford clan will be rooting for Cyrus this Sunday, when the 16-year-old is up for a Golden Globe for her Bolt song "I Thought I Lost You."

And if Cindy and Kaia really are fans, they'll get to enjoy more Hannah Montana in 2009, both on the small and big screens, and more Miley, as young star starts to expand into other movie roles. No word yet on how many of those will be sassy.

I'm certainly rooting for Miley this Sunday night/Monday morning (and looking forward to the red carpet show, which unlike the Globes themselves [so far as I know] is definitely on in the UK - come on, Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere presenting? How could I miss it?). Note to press outlets: it's Kaia, not (as it was in the piece above until I changed it) Kaya...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess it's easy to be taken in, but...

It sounded so SENSIBLE, just like I thought Cindy would be as a parent.

And apparently it sounds not like Cindy at all.

I feel... strange.