Monday, January 12, 2009

The Four Points About The Golden Globes Post.

1. They aren't the Oscars. In any sense. And that wasn't intended as praise. (And I do not care about how many fucking Brits win - mental note: avoid the UK media because they'll be drenched with flag-waving reports about the wins.)

2. Except when they cut back to Sky's studio coverage. Then they're just as good at making me reach for the mute button or flicking over to Quincy, M.E. on ITV3+1 instead.

3. I'm still waiting for Blake Lively to show up (I can't summon up enthusiasm for Slumdog Millionaire as yet).

4. Thanks for most of the other foxy presenters though (particularly my girl Hayden and Salma Hayek).

EDIT: Just after posting this, Blake finally came on. I can stop watching now... Joke. Or is it?


Anonymous said...

Blake Lively and Hayden would be the only reasons I watch this, if I watch it at all.

Anonymous said...

What about getting the reactions of the losers?? Jolie pulled a shit face when Hathaway won at the CCA's!

Cindylover1969 said...

Well, it would be bad form for someone to go "I WAS ROBBED!" George Foreman-style. Fun, but bad form.

Lance Goodthrust said...

The only Golden Globes that matter are the ones between my legs.