Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Right... so I considered giving this week's guest spot to Sophie Anderton, but given that it was germinated thanks to a story in the News of the World about how Sophie is a drug-taking £10,000-a-night hooker, with video and photographic evidence, it doesn't seem right. Arousing, but not right. (Especially since it is Sunday after all.) Kind of sad as well. Hope it ain't true.

On a brighter note, from the Edmonton Sun:

She’s more than a mere superstar model. Cindy Crawford’s also a role model for girls turned off by the drunken antics of the likes of Britney, Lindsay or Paris.

Thirteen-year-old Chailyn Kinney joined hundreds of other fans for a chance to meet Crawford, who was at the South Edmonton Common Brick store to promote her new line of home furnishings.

Kinney said she looks up to Crawford, 41, instead of the current crop of pop tarts, who are known as much for the drunk driving convictions and aborted rehab stints as they are for their (sometimes dubious) artistic achievements.

“I don’t think that’s the right way to get noticed,” said Kinney. “I like style and stuff, I just don’t like showing off things.”

Magdalena Luczak, 29, was also in line to get an autograph of Crawford, whom she considers a positive role model.

“In terms of what she has done for the modelling industry and promoting a healthy image, and a family woman/business woman image instead of anorexic, cheap drug addicts in jail,” said Luczak.

Thirty-two year old Jackie Lalonde said she would rather see her daughter, Kiera, 2, emulate Crawford than other celebrities but added it’s also about how the parents bring up their kids.
“We liked Madonna as kids but we didn’t do everything Madonna did. You have to know right from wrong.”

Her friend, Anita Chakrabarti, 32, said if a celebrity like Britney Spears was promoting a line of furniture she might boycott it.

“I can understand why the little girls would look up to her,” said Chakrabarti. “She’s pretty and she’s so successful but they don’t see what comes after the fact. There’s a responsibility that comes with it and she’s not being responsible.”

Brent Noble was in line with his wife, Jamie, and four-month-old daughter Emily. Crawford is the type of celebrity he would like to see Emily idolizing when she gets older.

“She (Crawford) was always more quiet. Back then a lot of the young celebrities were doing what they do now, which is go out and party, but Cindy was always a stay-at-home person which was nice to see, and a good role model.”

Hundreds showed up at the Brick for their chance to meet Crawford today. So many people showed up that Crawford added an extra half-hour to her scheduled one-hour meet-and-greet to try to get to as many people in the line as possible.

It’s just thrilling to be able to meet someone like Crawford, said 34-year-old Daniel Olson.

“It’s not that often you get someone as famous as her up here,” he said.

“She’s still hot. She was hot when I was 21 and she’s still hot.”

Assuming the site hasn't taken it down now, gallery pics here.

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