Sunday, January 14, 2007

I love Sunday Mondays

So this isn't Monday. Sue me.

Having dragged myself to work on Thursday and Friday in spite of being weakened by a) a flu or cold bug, I'm never sure which, do I look like Marcus Welby?*; and b) having gone without lunch for three days straight due to no actual money to buy lunch with (many blessings yet again to Sharon for her help in this and so many other areas), I'm spending the weekend and tomorrow at home - weekend to fully get over it and Monday to fully get over it and because coughing and not feeling really strong enough aren't conducive to standing waiting for the N5 at 5 in the darn morning.

Plus to the great delight of Evil, I might even get some writing done (Sundays are my day off... although I would love it if I could not treat it as work. Any assistance most welcome).

Coming up this week... the return of Prison Break on Five. Sadly, this seems to be another of my shows that Sharon is unlikely to be checking out, and equally sadly I've already had at least one twist given away, alas. (And won't it be fun for the ol' VCR when Heroes starts on Sci-Fi at the same time in a month.)

And finally, if Mike is reading this (and he is), I hope he'll keep me informed on Cindy's visit to his shores in March. Otherwise if by some wonderful chance Rachel Bilson fetches up here for some reason or other... *evil smile*

*I know we've racked up thirty-seven years worth of fictional men and women of medicine since he came along (the same year I did), but I'd rather see him by my bedside than Gregory House or anyone from Grey's Anatomy. And yes, that does include Izzie.

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The Archivist said...

I am now keeping my eyes ready and armed for news of Cindy.

As for the cold, glad to hear you're nearly over it!