Monday, May 12, 2014

The So How'd I Do? Post.

Before the standard look at the new shows and their chances at a UK home, let's round up last year...


Almost Human
What I Said: "With J.J. Abrams involved, better than good."
Was I Right? Yes - Watch bought it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
What I Said: "Not out of the question."
Was I Right? B9-9 went to E4.

What I Said: "Extremely good, even after the Oscars."
Was I Right? Yep - ITV2 bought it, even after what happened the last time a Seth MacFarlane show was taken by an ITV channel (the ironically named The Winner).

What I Said: "Extremely low."
Was I Right? Yes.

Gang Related
What I Said: "I'd say pretty good. Sky One or Channel 5 sounds about right."
Was I Right? Well, as it happens it's launching later this month on Fox, so...

Murder Police

What I Said: "Fox animated shows usually do."
Was I Right? Fox cancelled this without showing a single episode, so no.

What I Said: "It might do."
Was I Right? It did, to Universal Channel.

Sleepy Hollow
What I Said: "Sky 1 or Watch will likely come a-calling."
Was I Right? They may well have bid, but it's Universal Channel who got it.

Surviving Jack
What I Said: "Not great."
Was I Right? Oh yeah.

Us & Them
What I Said: "If it does well, it just might."
Was I Right? See Murder Police.

Wayward Pines
What I Said: "It could happen."
Was I Right? Not yet, but it's getting the Fox International Channels treatment. Also, see Gang Related.


About A Boy

What I Said: "Not out of the question - the film version of High Fidelity wasn't hated in these parts."
Was I Right? It went to Sky 1.

What I Said: "What part of "Alfonso Cuaron and J.J. Abrams" don't you understand?"
Was I Right? Watch bought it.

The Blacklist
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? Yes - this was the first of the new shows to get a UK buyer (SkyLiving).

Chicago PD
What I Said: "Since the original show did, there's a good chance this'll follow."
Was I Right? Not yet.

What I Said: "I'm not sure."
Was I Right? Watch took it.

What I Said: "It probably will..."
Was I Right? Not yet.

What I Said: "With SkyLiving as one of the partners? Count on it."
Was I Right? Oh yeah. No prizes for guessing where it went.

The Family Guide
What I Said: "Better than Family Tools."
Was I Right? Er, no.

What I Said: "The Ving Rhames version of Kojak did, so..."
Was I Right? Surprisingly, yes - 5USA took all nine produced episodes.

The Michael J. Fox Show
What I Said: "High."
Was I Right? No.

The Night Shift
What I Said: "It might, if (it's more like Scrubs and less like Surgical Spirit)."
Was I Right? This is another summer series that hasn't premiered yet...

Sean Saves The World
What I Said: "SkyLiving, TLC or Comedy Central?"
Was I Right? Nope on all three counts.

What I Said: "Bill Lawrence sold Scrubs and Cougar Town to the UK, so..."
Was I Right? See The Night Shift.

Welcome To The Family
What I Said: "E4, maybe?"
Was I Right? Not at this time.


Back In The Game
What I Said: "Not very high, as softball is not played in this country."
Was I Right? Yep.

What I Said: "Not sure."
Was I Right? Nope, as Channel 5 took it.

The Goldbergs
What I Said: "Comedy Central? E4?"
Was I Right? Not yet.

Killer Women
What I Said: "It could do. Sky, Five's channels, SkyLiving, Watch..."
Was I Right? ...or none of the above.

Lucky 7
What I Said: "Wouldn't bet on it."
Was I Right? Bingo!

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
What I Said: "Absolutely guaranteed. Only question is who'll get it?"
Was I Right? Definitely - Channel 4 bought it (unsurprisingly, since they've also shown the first two Iron Man movies as well as non-MCU fare like the Alba-era Fantastic Four movies and the X-Men flicks), and it was the first of its class to be scheduled on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Mind Games
What I Said: "Of Christian Slater's three previous series, only My Own Worst Enemy came over. Could go either way."
Was I Right? Indeed, this was more like The Forgotten and Breaking In.

What I Said: "Sounds very E4."
Was I Right? I should get my ears checked.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
What I Said: "Given the parent show is a hit for Channel 5, I'd say good (though that doesn't mean it'll actually go to Channel 5 - witness Angel and NCIS: Los Angeles)."
Was I Right? So very not - especially since Channel 5 decided to drop the parent show for no apparent reason. Also, the channel has started showing NCIS: Los Angeles...

What I Said: "Very low, probably (the involvement of Brad Pitt's production company notwithstanding)."
Was I Right? So far, yes.

Super Fun Night
What I Said: "Words like "Comedy" and "Central" seem to fit."
Was I Right? Not enough for a fit, it seems.

Trophy Wife
What I Said: "Hmmmm... TLC? SkyLiving?"
Was I Right? Not at this time.


The Crazy Ones
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? Er, no.

Friends With Better Lives
What I Said: "E4 or Comedy Central, maybe?"
Was I Right? It went to Comedy Central.

What I Said: "It might."
Was I Right? More than "might" - it was taken by Channel 4.

What I Said: "Sky One, Syfy or Channel 5?"
Was I Right? It was Sky One.

The Millers
What I Said: "After My Name Is Earl and Raising Hope, possible."
Was I Right? Yep - Comedy Central bought it.

What I Said: "E4? ITV2? Comedy Central? SkyLiving?"
Was I Right? It proved to be ITV2.

What I Said: "Watch? Alibi?"
Was I Right? Another summer series.

We Are Men
What I Said: "Comedy Central?"
Was I Right? Yes.

The CW

The Originals
What I Said: "Extremely good, as the parent show's a hit on ITV2."
Was I Right? While the channel was in the running, it was taken by Syfy.

The Tomorrow People
What I Said: "Pretty good."
Was I Right? It's joined the E4 family.

What I Said: "Not as bad as it might seem."
Was I Right? As it happens, no.

What I Said: "ITV2? Five's channels?"
Was I Right? Try Sky 1.

The 100
What I Said: "Very good."
Was I Right? E4 took it.


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