Monday, September 06, 2010

The I Found Another One Post.

"Victor, do you like film music?"

Came right out of the blue at work on Thursday, from David in the laser room (where all the jobs are printed off to be processed and sent out - that's not important right now). Whenever any possible work discussions of one of my few real interests have come about point-missing is usually the name of the game - I still have unfond memories of getting a Kodak-sponsored CD of music from movies and finding it was all songs - but for the next few minutes David and I stood there in the doorway, shooting the you-know-what about his favourites (John Barry, Ennio Morricone), mine (Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard), learning that he's got lots of vinyl but hasn't been getting much new stuff of late, telling him that I got Rachel Portman's autograph, commisserating about likely not being able to attend next month's
Concert For Care, and so on.

That kind of talk probably befuddled poor Bianca if she was listening (and as she was right next to us she likely couldn't help it), but encountering people who share this interest offline and in your work environment is never a bad thing. (And he's right, you'd think Disney would have released Toy Story 3 physically - surely there'd be a market for an album to the year's most successful movie...)

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