Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Shopping List Post.

The following are OSTs I intend to, must, and will get.

From Intrada: Robocop, Cloak and Dagger (fact: movies involving fictional videogames are better than movies based on real ones, regardless of whether or not they have Gemma Arterton), Rent-a-Cop, The Mean Season, George Washington.

From Varese Sarabande: The Jerry Goldsmith CD Club CDs still available, The Goonies, Lost Seasons 3-5, Revolution.

From La-La Land: Batman expanded, Independence Day expanded, The Edge expanded, Dutch, Nate & Hayes, Krull expanded.

And the OST to Scream 4, which gives me a perfect excuse for this.

(PS: If Lionsgate puts out an Alpha and Omega soundtrack, and the lass up there next to Rory Culkin should have an end title song.... well, you know.)

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