Saturday, December 26, 2009

The So How Was It For You? Post.

Well, there were three things that got in my way. The first was the hospitalisation of one of my aunts for kidney failure - she's at home now, and on dialysis. Happily she's doing fine and in good spirits.

The second was the sudden passing of Brittany Murphy, which also threw something of a downer on my spirit in the runup (it must have made viewing of Happy Feet somewhat bittersweet for her British fans - ITV1 aired said movie on Christmas Day).

The third was my housedust allergy coming into play while helping Sharon clean up. The aggravation intensified my asthma, and so I spent a fair amount of the big day coughing, wheezing, feeling weary and bringing up phlegm. Though on the upside, it did keep me from feeling stuffed.

Fortunately Mum's with us, and though she was and is on at me a bit much it's only because she cares for me and loves me. If she didn't give a damn she wouldn't tell me to take the inhalers, sleep away from the window, clean up my (somewhat stuffy) room... so that's a good thing.

In spite of all that, it's okay - no massive arguments! Yay!

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