Friday, October 03, 2008

The Go Away "The Go Away And Never Come Back Spot" Post.

I'm thin-skinned.

I'm also in a mood of not wanting to get negative in anything other than a hopefully non-biased, non-cranky way. Which is another way of saying that while I hate people dissing stuff I like, the thought of dishing it out on stuff other people like and not being able to take it bothers me. Weird, yeah.

So since petty annoyances are a source of stress and yours truly says no to drugs (apart from Metformin, Lipitor, and the other two that I have on prescription and that I can't be bothered to get up and check on their names because I'm listening to Dominic Frontiere's Hang 'Em High/The Aviator and have no desire to pause the CD thank you very much), that spot is out of here. It's history. It's gone. It's being replaced by a list of my favourite TV shows, current and out of production. Shallow? Pointless? And how is that not like 99.9999999% of blogs?

Incidentally, you know those most recent Laetitia Casta nude pics? I bought her last Elle off eBay, and they aren't in there - so were they online only? Pretty sneaky, Elle. The ones of her in the actual magazine are good though, even if she's clothed.

And now, here's some Laetitia to take us out. Yes, it's in French. Just deal.

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The Archivist said...

Getting rid of negativity is always good, Victor.