Friday, June 27, 2008

The Two Friends Discussing Hayden Panettiere's Behind Post.

Because I couldn't be bothered to think of a clever title.

Kenneth: So whats the best way to deal with idiots who said Hayden's ass looks big
in those new pics? im thinking death ray
Cindylover1969: You might take out innocent bystanders. I'd visit them individually and take 'em out.
Him: oh no i use a sophisticated smart chip triggering system for surgical strikes. only the guilty are punished ;-)
Me: In that case, go for it. :)
Him: cause that is
one beautiful butt :-P
Me: True dat. How about dealing with people giving you crap because of her age?
Him: i got over that. believe me i have guilt too ;-) every time I think of Bugs Life I feel guilty buit i get over it ;-) back to Haydens ass for a second.... i never quite know how to use the term "bubble butt" correctly. Hayden in my mind has one correctZ?
Me: That's about right.
Him: works for me

Later on:
Him: Note to self... STOP watching Remember the Titans. it only serves to upset me ;-)
Me: Yes, I can see why.
Him: for me esp cause i love Hayden in that movie and the first time i watched it i said "Wow I hope i have a daughter some day just like her: my opinion has changed
Me: And look how that turned out. :-D
Him: yeah -
daddys little girl grew up

With ITV1 screening Racing Stripes on Saturday, BBC1 showing Joe Somebody (and Raising Helen on BBC3) on Wednesday and the last in the present series of Heroes next Thursday on BBC2, poor Ken's got a lot of temptation. Or he would if he lived here.

In Memory Of: Maria Sharapova exiting Wimbledon.

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The Archivist said...

Ah, Hayden... you're amazing. :)