Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Step Up 2 The Vantage Point Post.

I went to see Step Up 2 The Streets and Vantage Point on Saturday. We might as well run a comparison...

Story: The former's climax is obvious from the word go, but the latter can be called many things - predictable not being one of them. Advantage: Vantage Point.

Acting: Neither is the kind of thing you go to for performances (with the former it's all about the dancing, the latter has tension up the wazoo), but Dennis Quaid makes the latter - almost as good at going "DAMMIT!" as Kiefer Sutherland, he is. Advantage: Vantage Point.

Altierre Factor: Briana Evigan and Cassie Ventura vs. Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana and the baddies. No contest. Advantage: Step Up 2 The Streets.

Music: Not a fan of what's called "urban" stuff, but Step Up 2 The Streets also has an almost too emotional Aaron Zigman score. Vantage Point's 24-esque music by Atli Örvarsson (and, this being a Hans Zimmer offshoot, others) does at least fit the movie better. Advantage: Vantage Point.

Action: Come on. Advantage: Vantage Point.

Emotional Content: Step Up 2 The Streets does have heart, while Vantage Point only has emotion in the Forest Whitaker parts. Advantage: Step Up 2 The Streets.

Reason To See It In The First Place: I hadn't seen the first Step Up, whereas Vantage Point is a one-off. Advantage: Vantage Point.

Winner: Vantage Point, duh. Briana "Thank goodness she wasn't related to the Bear" Evigan notwithstanding.

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Anonymous said...

For most of this post, I thought you were biased toward Vantage Point, but then I saw you did give the advantage to Step Up.