Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NBC and the Queen

Since coming back from its ill-advised break Stateside, Heroes (along with 24, admittedly) has lost audience ground to Dancing With People Who All Ought To Be Locked Up For Life Except For Paulina Porizkova Of Course. As NBC going all Carousel on everyone in the American TV audience over the age of 60 is out of the question (though on the bright side if they did this they might take out Bush et al as well), the obvious solution is to show it all uninterrupted next year a la 24 (plus if Sci-Fi plays its cards right and Sky hasn't outbid them come renewal time if the price goes up - the way they did with Lost and 24 - there won't be such a huge gap in episodes... NBC showed the 21st chapter on Monday, Sci-Fi's Monday new episode was the 13th). You didn't mess it up before, don't do it now...

And now, to cheer me up, Cindy Crawford with a masterclass in how to fill out legwear. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get the idea that TV stations have forgotten how to schedule programs.