Friday, September 22, 2006

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.

First off, let me get one thing clear - I'm not going to turn my back on Cindy. I've stuck with her through the Charlie ad, through Fair Game, through the Times ad, through the Letterman-poking-fun-at-her-makeup thing, through her website, through Presley giving paparazzi the finger... even the lapdancing. And if she's done the odd bit of babysitting for Pamela Anderson, as has been claimed, that's okay too. I've called myself Cindylover1969 online for as long as I've been online, and I'm not going to change.
But this Melissa Odabash business is worrying. It's worrying personally for two reasons.
One is because of my reaction - maybe it's because I'm not a parent, but those pictures of Kaia really didn't ring any JonBenet Ramsey-type bells in my mind. Which is not to say I wasn't filled with anger... but it was anger at people attacking Cindy. I hate attacking her, no matter what. (I dread to see what some of the tabloid columnists will say about this.) And attacking her over what are basically innocent pictures as well... pictures which aren't even on the official website anymore. (And which I linked to in a previous post, because there is no way I'm uploading them here.)
But the other thing that bothers me is the picture that caused the most fuss... I wish I could say I was revolted by it. But every time it pops in my mind, I do my damnedest to get rid of it, because while it's definitely not kiddie porn (you'll never convince me Cindy would let her children do anything like that) it's hard to entirely disagree about the sexual aspect. It's true that pedophiles can get stimulation everywhere, but when I see pictures of Cindy's daughter I want to think she's adorable (which she is) and that she's already inherited her mother's beauty (which she has)... but I do not want to think about her the way I think about her mother. I like young girls, but not that young. I'd like to hear Cindy's view, as opposed to her publicist's. And I'd also like to know Kaia's opinion - but they aren't talking.
But I'd especially like to know if something's going on with Cindy... what with this, her business in St. Tropez and her display for the Ultimate Fighting Champion, I'm starting to come close to wondering.
One thing for sure - I still support her, I still have her as my #1, and I still love Cindy Crawford.


MuffinMan said...

I still love her as well (publicists are another matter, even those for our favorites ;( ), but what's the Ultimate Fighting reference about? I admit to not being aware of that one...

The Archivist said...

Dear Lord, MuffinMan is still alive.

But in regards to your post, you have every right to still love Cindy.

Cindylover1969 said...

Earlier this year, Cindy got the UFC champion to sign her left breast. (Her husband may or may not have egged her on.)